I can't thank Parkview Care Rehabilitation Center enough. All the special attention from the nurses the care was diligent, timely, efficient, and sincere. All very professional. Senior staff, social workers also rose to the occasion in the highest esteem. They took care of me when I could not take care of myself and looked out for my well-being. I was able to rest and concentrate on my recovery because they thought of everything. I really enjoyed working with the physical therapists. They were key and instrumental to my Rehabilitation after a very long intensive full back surgery. Their knowledge and patience enabled me to further progress every day. And my room the hallways the entire place was constantly being clean I've never seen such a clean facility in my life. All of my needs were met what more is there to say and without me asking I was taking care of like a hotel guest. And I really enjoyed having nutritionist work with my needs being on a special diet and allergic to some foods. Everybody was just so nice. I laughed and I even had fun even in a wheelchair. I even made some friends. I am walking and stronger thanks to their therapy and ultimate Care from Parkview.
- KS