My father entered Townhouse Rehab and Nursing in late February 2020 following a Tracheostomy. We were very apprehensive about my Dad living in a nursing home, as any family likely would be. However, Townhouse impressed us from Day One and we knew our Dad would be in good hands. Before Covid hit, my Mom, brother and I would visit daily and we met much of the staff. Everyone we encountered was so positive and nurturing toward my Dad and we could see he was receiving exceptional care. From the nursing staff, aides, respiration team, doctors, speech, OT and PT staff, social work and recreation departments, everyone was top notch. Unfortunately, only after about 2 weeks of my Dad entering Townhouse, the Covid-19 pandemic came into all of our lives. It was devastating to find out that we wouldn’t be able to visit my Dad in person, indefinitely. Again, Townhouse impressed us with adapting to this huge change and made amazing accommodations for their residents and families. Townhouse set up a daily text alert with Covid-19 updates within the facility (which has currently changed to a phone number that family members can call daily for updates). We were able to be in touch with one of the amazing nurses DAILY with an update on how my Dad was doing. My Dad is not able to operate an ipad by himself, so we were amazed to see that the recreation department began doing DAILY facetimes with family. If it weren’t for this, I don’t think my Dad, family or myself would have made it through this time. The nursing staff would even assist us if we wanted to facetime at other times, other than the scheduled recreation department facetime calls. Once New York State declared visitations could take place in Nursing Homes, Townhouse once again stepped up and made an online appointment schedule to arrange visits. This is our second week that we’re able to visit my Dad, and Townhouse has adhered to all safety procedures and guest limitations in the building. We feel that my Dad is safe, as well as the staff and families. We’re so very thankful we can finally visit as it has helped us all get through this difficult time and we’ve even seen an improvement in my Dad’s health since we can now be together several times a week. My Dad has been well groomed each and every day and the facility is extremely clean and homey. The entire staff is amazing and we couldn’t be happier that we chose Townhouse for my Dad. I would proudly recommend Townhouse to anyone that is searching for a nursing home/rehab facility for a loved one. Thank you from the bottom of hearts, Townhouse!
- Susanne Kimball