I find myself in a unique position of writing my second recommendation in a matter of a couple of months! For during this summer, your PT/OT and nursing team (and aides) also helped my daughter literally get back on her two legs/feet. That is why when my husband needed rehab after his knee replacement, I was determined to get him into Cold Spring Hills Rehab. May I once again, give praise and gratitude to his physical therapist, Zen, as she had previously worked very hard with our daughter during her recuperation. I cannot say enough about her work, kind ethics, and professionalism. May I also give credit to Nicole A., my husband's occupation therapist, who prepared him for his independence back at home. Without the two of them, he wouldn't have gotten as far as he did during his two-week stay. This was his first experience ever being operated on and being at rehab. They both gave him confidence and encouragement.
- Barbara Faruzzo