Our Mission

Philosophy Care is a Long Island, NY based consulting company servicing the greater NY and NJ area.  Philosophy’s Team is comprised of compassionate individuals with years of experience and expertise in long term care. Our mission at Philosophy Care is to guide our facilities in providing individualized, patient-focused care, centered around complete physical, and emotional wellbeing. Each Philosophy led facility maintains a progressive approach, empowering each and every resident to live and recover fully, with dignity and respect. 

Experience A New Philosophy of Care

Philosophy Care is committed to bringing residents the highest standards of care through progressive clinical treatment. This is how Philosophy guided facilities have become the most trusted in the healthcare Industry.  To accomplish this goal, we employ highly-trained team members who are leaders in their fields, we maintain cutting-edge medical and therapy equipment, and offer a wealth of enriching programs to help facilitate the healing process. The results are clear to see: quicker recovery, better maintaining of functions, and overall better outcomes.